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Watch Dogs Legion Gets New Trailers and Release Date

Watch Dogs Legion

The Watch Dogs franchise is that started out with infinite potential and then became something much more mundane. When a “vertical slice” was revealed at E3 one year it wowed everyone with its use of “technology-focused” stealth and information gathering, but then when the full game came out it was a basic shooter with hacking segments. Watch Dogs 2 was better, but it didn’t live up to what that vertical slice showed. Then, Ubisoft went all out and revealed Watch Dogs Legion, which aimed to truly deliver the experience that they teased so long ago.

The problem though was that their game was so ambitious that they had to delay it. However, Watch Dogs Legion now has a new release date of October 29th. As well as a pair of new trailers focusing on the story and the gameplay elements.

In Legion, London has basically become a military police state where many kinds of freedom are kept at bay or restricted entirely. A group known as DeadSec are rising up to fight them though and reclaim the future that is rightfully theirs.

The true appeal of the game isn’t just the scope, but it’s the intention. DeadSec needs members, and part of your job is to go find and recruit a team how you want it to look so that they can take on London. Every NPC you meet is a character with a story and a set of skills.

Some are computer experts. Some are former military. Some are athletes. Some are people with connections. It doesn’t matter, if they can help the cause, you recruit them, and get them to join the resistance.

Should everything go as shown this could be one of the most ambitious games in recent history.

For a better look at the gameplay, watch the video below: