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Watch Destiny’s New House Of Wolves Launch Trailer


While Bungie currently deals with a glitch in the latest Destiny patch that could potentially delay the release of House of Wolves, they’ve released a trailer for the DLC pack anyway. Keep in mind it might not happen on the day they’re promising, but it will happen soon regardless.

The DLC includes a new campaign where you must hunt down the Fallen threat and introduces two new co-op modes: Trials of Osiris, a 3-on-3 elimination event with rare in-game prizes awarded to those who rack up victories, and the Prison of Elders, a gauntlet where you form teams of three players and take on waves of increasingly difficult enemies.

Players will also gain three new multiplayer maps: Black Shield, which takes place on an abandoned cabal outpost on Phobos (one of Mars’s moons), Widow’s Court, a medieval-themed map located in a European dead zone with lots of opportunities for close-quarters battle, and the Thieves’ Den, which is an abandoned Venusian fallen outpost inside an active volcano.

Assuming all goes well with the glitch repair, Destiny Expansion Pack II: House of Wolves will still launch as scheduled on May 19. Right now it’s up to fa……er, destiny. Almost missed an easy pun there.