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Watch A Clip From The gen:Lock Season Finale


Rooster Teeth has been premiering new episodes of gen:Lock at a steady rate for the past few weeks, but the season finale is approaching rapidly. Tomorrow, in fact. How will the current storyline be wrapping up, or will it wrap up at all?

We have just two clues to its outcome: the clip below, and this one-sentence synposis: “Our gen:LOCK team is ready for combat in their new upgraded mecha, but they aren’t the only ones with upgrades. Nemesis is back, and he’s out to destroy Chase.” We’ll know in a few hours if he succeeds. Until then, we have this:

“Being able to craft an ensemble cast using both our own talent and well-known actors from outside of the company is a fantastic opportunity,” says Gray G. Haddock, head of Rooster Teeth Animation and showrunner for Gen:Lock. “Part of what makes Rooster Teeth so unique is that our staff runs the business, makes the company function day-to-day, writes, directs, produces, and performs on-camera and in the recording booth. It keeps our team and our community invested in what we do. I hope to work in as much of the extended Rooster Teeth Animation acting family as I can over time into this show, one way or another, so fans can continue to hear their favorite voices in this new world.”

If you haven’t seen ANY episode, it’s not too late to catch up. gen:Lock is viewable with a Rooter Teeth subscription ($4.99 per month) on iOS, Android, XBox One and Apple TV.