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WarnerMedia Shares Update On Gaming Division

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It’s been an interesting couple of days for Warner Bros as of late because a reshuffling of some of their key staff has happened. Including losing the former head of HBO Max (who helped bring The Snyder Cut to life) as well as heads of certain TV and movie brands in order to consolidate resources and make better decisions. But for many, they wanted to know what WarnerMedia would do with the Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment division that handled all of their video games.

The brand has a couple major publishers under their belts, including NetherRealm Studios (the makers of Mortal Kombat and Injustice, both of which are major franchises) and of course, Rocksteady Studios (who made the Batman Arkham Trilogy as well as the upcoming Suicide Squad game), among others.

There had been MAJOR rumors that various big name publishers wanted to by WBIE and/or get their licenses, including EA, Xbox and more. But, the new head of WarnerMedia, Jason Kilar noted that while there has been some major shuffling of the WB deck, the gaming division is still definitively theirs and it’ll remain that way…for now.

We say that because Kilar doesn’t stop to say that it’ll remain under their control, but that it’s there for now. Possibly meaning that they’ll want to go and see how certain things work out before making another decision.

This will be a sigh of relief for gamers in part because the notion of EA getting some of the biggest titles that WBIE could offer and then “EA-ing them” is not an appetizing thing as Mass Effect Andromeda and the Battlefront games proved.

Plus, with the upcoming announcement of the Suicide Squad game at DC Fandome, they have more than enough reasons to wait and see how the response will be and what sales will be before deciding to sell.