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WarnerMedia Considering Selling Off Crunchyroll


A few months ago it was reported that AT&T, new owners of entertaiment conglomerate WarnerMedia, were looking for areas of the company to sell off as a method of paying down the gigantic debt they had gained (as a result of forking over the cash to buy WarnerMedia itself).

Early reports suggested they would be selling off WB Games, which would’ve been bad news for an already tight AAA gaming industry. Odds are another huge publisher like EA or Activision would have scooped them up, resulting in less competition, fewer games and lots more microtransactions. But now we hear AT&T is thinking of keeping WB Games around after all.

Instead, it’s the anime streaming service Crunchyroll they’re now looking to offload, which may or may not be as bad as the WB Games sale depending on who the buyer might be. Sony is listed as one of the interested parties, and THAT would be a bad development, as they already own Funimation and shouldn’t be allowed to have two.

The biggest loss in all this, at least from an Anime Superhero perspective, would be the severed connection between Crunchyroll and Toonami…at least, it would be a loss if Toonami got anything from it other than the first season of Mob Psycho 100 (negotiations to air the second season are reportedly still going on). There are upcoming original programs that are co-productions of Crunchyroll and Adult Swim, but when it comes to content the streamer already has, they absolutely will not share with anyone, even with their older brother, even when he says pretty please.

The only thing that may truly stop the sale is the asking price…AT&T wants one billion dollars for Crunchyroll, and this is after they talked themselves down from setting the sticker price at 1.5 billion.

[Source: Variety]