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Review: “Wander Over Yonder” Worth the Trip


Wander Over YonderSome shows have a great big high-minded purpose with massive casts and a sprawling epic story with dozens of intersecting plotlines. And some shows are Wander Over Yonder, where there’s just two main characters (so far anyway) and they mostly exist to make themselves laugh. Those two main characters are Wander, a happy-go-lucky guy who kinda looks and acts like a descendent of Fozzie Bear; and his faithful talking steed Sylvia who is definitely a direct descendent of Dino from The Flintstones. They have adventures! Mostly involving Sylvia freaking out and/or punching things while Yonder acts very goofy. It’s entirely possible he’s an idiot savant, but the evidence isn’t very strong.

The first episode finds our slightly mismatched pair frolicking on the planet Wozawattadinglesomethingoranothermaybeadirtyword? as it gets invaded by Lord Hater, who just has to be the best at everything. If he isn’t, he and his one eyed minions (who are red and black not yellow) tend to blow a gasket and wreck things. Episode 2 jumps to a completely different planet where Sylvia is fighting a dragonesque critter for reasons unknown before a giant egg shows up to disrupt the proceedings, or something. Honestly the plot really isn’t all that important to either episode, and since they don’t have an obvious spaceship it would probably be overthinking things to try and add too much sense to things.

Thankfully Yonder and Sylvia are both compelling enough characters. I can see Yonder instantly appealing to a lot of kids as he has a very sunny outlook on everything, even universal conquest by malevolent forces. Meanwhile, Sylvia is the highly loveable curmudgeon of the pair who gets the added bonus of lots of physical comedy. From the various program descriptions available, it looks like Lord Hater will play a recurring role, so it’s good that his tighter-than-a-clock-spring demeanor looks like a great target for Yonder’s more playful personality. The animation is very smooth and fairly modern in style without being excessively streamlined. Given that this is a Craig McCracken production, it’s actually a little surprising that it isn’t more streamlined. Hopefully the further adventures of our galactic wanderers will be as entertaining as these first two.