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PR: Wallace & Gromit Connect With Google+ This Festive Season


Wallace and Gromit have teamed up with Google to star in a festive video that aims to connect family and friends this holiday season.

Appearing together with a number of other Aardman Animation characters for the first time, the video features Wallace and Gromit in a Google+ Hangout with Trixie and Captain Cuddlepuss from Creature Comforts, Shaun the Sheep and Ginger from Chicken Run.

A Google+ Hangout is a multi­person video chat that support up to 10 people at the same time. They’re a fun way to relax and hang out with friends and family when you’re online.

For families that are spread out over cities or even countries, it can be a challenge to get everyone together during the holidays. You can create a Google+ Hangout for your family to open presents together, sing carols or just catch up face­to­face­to­face.

Google has added a little holiday cheer to Hangouts invites with a personalised Wallace and Gromit video invitation to be sent to your family and friends, To get started go to g.co/familyhangouts

When you are participating in a Hangout, you can use the Holiday Effects app to put on a Santa hat, reindeer antlers or even Wallace’s icon tank top.

Cristian Cussen, Head of Marketing, Google+, Europe, Middle East & Africa says: “We are thrilled to see Wallace and Gromit use a Google+ Hangout to join the rest of the Aardman family for the very first time. We would love for families and friends everywhere to easily connect over the holidays. For those who can’t make it home this year, they can still spend the holidays together through Google+ Hangouts.”


Merlin Crossingham, Creative Director for Wallace and Gromit says: “There is nothing like getting together with your family at Christmas, and having worked with all of these characters over many years that is exactly how this project felt to me. Seeing all of the Aardman characters coming together for the first time is something we are sure our fans the world over will absolutely love.”


Fun Facts

  • For the 1 minute film we created 3 minutes 54 seconds of animation, as once a character appears on the main window they continue to be visible on the small window below.
  • There are 5526 frames of animation in total, which includes both versions of the advert and the invitation animation.
  • All the puppets are the originals, only fresh modelling clay was needed to get them ready for filming; even the Ginger was still usable from Chicken Run, which launched in 2000. We were pleasantly surprised that the silicone used to make her was still serviceable.
  • This is the first time so many Aardman characters have been on screen together.
  • It was great to have some of the original animation crew who have worked on all these characters over the years bring their skills to the project.
  • We shot with 5 animators for 3 weeks, which is very fast when producing this type of animation.
  • The computer that the birds, cat & dog characters use are based on the Google Chromebook.
  • There is a Wendolene fairy on top of Wallace’s Christmas tree.
  • The cat and dog were first featured in Series One of Creature Comforts which was broadcast on ITV1.
  • To create enough animation within the schedule, we shot with two sets of Wallace and Gromit characters.
  • Fluffles did not hurt herself when Piella shunted her off the stool – there was a crash mat behind the table.
  • The crew ate a whole festive tin of chocolates in under an hour.
  • Piella and Fluffles’ black eye lashes are hand cut from thin sheet plastic.
  • When the animators sculpt eye lids onto the characters, it leaves a dull-ness on the eye ball – they clean it off with cotton buds to keep the eyes bright.
  • Piella is the most difficult character to animate from a technical point of view. Gromit is the hardest from a performance point of view.