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Void Terrarium Arrival Due This Summer


“Void Terrarium” is set to arrive on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 this summer – July 10, 2020 [EU], July 14, 2020 [USA] or July 17, 2020 [Australia/New Zealand] – having already launched in Japan earlier this year.


In this survival game, the injured Toriko lives in a world of toxic fungi [spores] and players initially play as a discarded maintenance robot who must help her survive in the toxic environment by building a living space – a terrarium – for her.


After this has been achieved, players then may play as both the robot and Toriko as the robot gets supplies and medicine while Toriko attempts to maintain status quo in her new terrarium home.


“Void Terrarium” will be available on digital download from both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4’s online stores as well as also being available as a limited physical edition [$59.99] which will include a copy of the game in a collector’s box, a “Sporific Sounds” soundtrack CD, a key chain, a set of pins, a mood chart, and a poster.