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Voice of Gohan Talks Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Right now, many Dragon Ball fans are getting to enjoy some new animated content in their beloved franchise as Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is now in theaters, and apparently is doing really good so far! The film marks a bit of a departure from the other three previous Dragon Ball Super films as this one focuses on Gohan and Piccolo above the other Z-Fighters.

In an interview with ComicBook.com, Gohan’s voice actor Kyle Herbert talked about what this film meant for him:

“I had a deep wish that we were going to see Gohan finally have his day because it has literally been decades since the Majin Buu saga,” Hebert began. “The world has seen what happened to Gohan as he trained and that all was going to go somewhere but then it all took a left turn as Gohan became very different. He’s definitely still grown as a character, as a father, and as a husband. Obviously, he’s very smart and all of that, so he’s very a three-dimensional character, but to bring it full circle to what he was in the Cell saga and everything? That’s pretty exciting to see.”

Indeed, and fans will have to watch the film to see how it goes for him. But they’ll also get to enjoy the dynamic between Piccolo and Gohan, as well as Pan, which was also something Herbert liked:

“You know, it’s a bond that is so strong. It’s amazing to see how Piccolo becomes so protective of not only Gohan, but his found family.” Hebert began. “He wants to take care of them, but he also wants to train them and make sure they can defend themselves against whatever menace is threatening the earth. But at the core, it’s like a family bond tied by strength and loyalty. I think over time it just gets stronger.”

You’ll see how strong when you watch Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero for yourself!