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Voice Actor and Director Chris Ayres Dies at 56


Accomplished anime voice actor and director Chris Ayres, best known for voicing Frieza in the DragonBall Z franchise, has passed away at 56.  Ayres’ girlfriend, fellow voice actor Krystal LaPorte posted about his passing on Oct. 18 on Twitter.

Ayres, who had been diagnosed with end-stage cardio obstructive pulmonary disease in 2017, had been posting about his health battles, surgeries, and daily struggles on Twitter.  Things had looked up when Ayres finally was able to get a lung transplant.  LaPorte did not specify exactly how Ayres died though.  Ayres even managed to voice Frieza for the last DragonBall Super episodes and movies despite his condition.  Funimation also tweeted their condolences.

I was fortunate enough to meet Ayres several times when he came up to my state for our local anime convention annually.  He would share his love of cosplayers and geekiness with the entire convention all while carrying his signature huge red mug.  He will be sorely missed.