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Viz Will Debut Two New Manga Series This Month

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It’s a new month….what are the two new manga series that Viz Media will bring to the States in November?

On November 13, Record of Grancrest War hits shelves. If the name rings a bell, it’s because it’s created by Ryo Mizuno, who also wrote the iconic Record of Lodoss War. This time it’s a new story, with art by Makoto Yotsuba and designs by Miyuu.

The series is set in a world where the noble elite are supposed to fend off the threat of terrifying Chaos but instead engage in pointless, petty squabbles, young mage Siluca Meletes dreams of bringing justice to the land. In the series’ opening volume, when tragedy strikes during a wedding that would bring together the Fantasia Union and the Factory Alliance, Siluca finds herself with no choice but to forge a new future for the world. With the aid of Theo, a knight errant with great potential, she will go against the world’s order to achieve peace through the magical power of crests. And as Theo soon finds out, her methods are more than a little unorthodox!

One week later, on November 20, Viz will put out Ran and the Gray World, written and illustrated by Aki Irie. Ran lives in a world of magic, but unfortunately not the kind where kids get to use it. She’s so eager to grow up that she finds a way to temporarily accelerate the process (world of magic and all)…

Ran Uruma can’t wait to grow up and become a sorceress like her mother, so with the help of a magical pair of sneakers, she transforms into an adult and sets off! Her father and older brother Jin try to keep her home safe, but Ran is determined to advance her powers and have adventures of her own!

Record of Grancrest War and Ran and the Gray World will be available in both physical and digital formats. Watch for ’em this month.