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Viz Media’s October Releases: Sailor Moon, Accel World And More

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What shiny discs are coming your way from Viz Media this month? What are the three new releases pressed and ready to play?

The biggest news is the Blu-Ray/DVD combo release of Sailor Moon S: The Movie, also available on plain DVD. The Sailor Scouts are on a quest to stop the newly resurrected Princess Snow Kaguya from plunging the world into eternal winter — all she needs is the missing piece of her crystal, which Luna’s new boyfriend happens to have. Bonus features for Sailor Moon S include English voice cast interviews, English credits, and more. The DVD version just has the English credits.

On October 23, look for Accel World: Infinite Burst to hit Blu-Ray shelves. A sinister dark presence has been awakened and is preventing Haruyuki and his friends from connecting to the Accelerated World. Sealed away since the dawn of the game, it’s now loose and threatens everyone. The Blu-ray will include English and Japanese 5.1 and stereo audio selections, English subtitles, a character art gallery, plus two OVAs: “Reverberation” and “Vacation.”

Also on October 23, Terraformars: Revenge will be out. This set contains Season 2 of the sci-fi horror series, starring Christopher Niosi (Akari Hizamaru), Erica Lindbeck (Michelle K. Davis), Chris Smith (Shokichi Komachi), Cherami Leigh (Kanako Sanjo), Patrick Seitz (Sylvester Asimov), Cristina Vee (Eva Frost), and Robbie Daymond (Marcos Eringrad Garcia). Bonuses on this one include clean opening and closing segments, trailers, a digital art gallery, and interviews with the English VAs.

That should keep you busy past Halloween. Look for Sailor Moon S today, and the latter two releases next week.