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Viz Announces US Release For One Punch Man Season 2

one punch man season 2

When is One Punch Man Season 2 starting? Is the latest announcement from Viz a sign that it’s nearly here?

Viz Media revealed today they’ve secured master rights to the second season of One Punch Man and will be distributing it in all forms: digital streaming, TV broadcast, EST, home media, and merchandising rights. Since Viz has a solid lock on all things Season One, and is also the exclusive distributor of the manga, the announcement comes as no surprise.

So what does this mean for the upcoming season, which was first announced in 2016? It could mean the long wait is finally over, or about to be. Viz will be highlighting One Punch Man as one of their major properties at the annual Licensing Expo next week (May 22-24, Las Vegas). If we don’t hear more about the new season then, it probably won’t be much longer.

One Punch Man concerns the adventures (or lack thereof) of Saitama, a man who trained so hard to become a hero that he overdid it and now takes out anything with just one punch. Because of this, he’s usually blank-faced and massively bored, even in the depths of perilous action. After all, why care?

When we hear more about One Punch Man Season 2, we’ll pass along the word.