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Viewster Talk “Kill la Kill”, Omakase And Exclusive Creative Content At NYCC


Viewster were present at this past weekend’s New York Comic Con, promoting their online streaming content and the soon to debut Omakase subscription service.  As mentioned previously, the service will run as a bi-monthly, cancel at any time subscription for which fans will receive a specially selected box of themed merchandise every two months in addition to ad free streaming content and exclusive, original digital comics and music.

Each box will contain five items, two of which will be exclusive. For the upcoming Kill la Kill themed box these will be a gold foil hardback copy of the first manga volume and a Senketsu scarf. The subscription costs $29 pre-shipping for two months (UK shipping charge will be slightly higher due to the issue of customs VAT), with the box contents totalling over $60 in value. This first box is due to ship in November.

In terms of the exclusive music and comics, subscribers can look forward to me-nag-er-ie by Cristina Vee & DJ Bouche, containing five tracks, and the comics REPLAY by Ashley Davis and King Death by Buttersafe.

Menagerie - cover 03

REPLAY - Bog King Death - AudreyKing Death - Ferals

King Death - Outsiders

King Death - Tower

Viewster also revealed their licensing of Meine Liebe and Saint Beast. These titles will join their online library which includes not just anime but titles such as How It Should Have Ended, Zero Punctuation and more.

Lastly, was a hint provided for the next Omakase box? Believe it!

Naruto - Gold Naruto Mininja