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Vic Mignogna Sues Funimation and Fellow Voice Actors for Defamation


Via Variety, Vic Mignogna has filed a lawsuit against Funimation and fellow voice actors Monica Rial, Jamie Marchi, and Rial’s fiance Ronald Toye on Apr. 8, 2019, for defamation.  Funimation had terminated their relationship with Mignogna in February after accusations of sexual harassment and homophobia had arisen again with the U.S. release of the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie in theaters.  Rooster Teeth also fired Mignogna as well.

The accusations of sexual harassment with Mignogna have been around since 2008 by fans who had attended conventions and met Mignogna according to Anime News Network in the form of unwanted hugging, kissing, and touching.  Recently, in support, Rial and Marchi have Tweeted their own unwanted encounters with Mignogna.

Other voice actors have also Tweeted their support of Rial, Marchi, and Mignogna’s other victims including fellow Dragon Ball voice actor and director, Christopher R Sabat.  Sadly, Mignogna’s rabid fans have retaliated with death threats against Rial, Marchi, and anyone else speaking out against Mignogna even to the point of posting harmful videos on YouTube.  Many conventions have also stopped inviting Mignogna to attend as well.

Before the lawsuit, Mignogna had profusely apologized several times on social media, all of which seems to have been under false pretenses given the lawsuit which seeks “monetary relief over $1,000,000.00.”  Mignogna had raised $100,000 in funds for his lawsuit via GoFundMe through his lawyer.