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Like Venom Himself, The Venom Trailer Isn’t Pretty


Why is Sony’s new Venom trailer so poisonous? It was the dream of every 90s kid for Venom to get his own movie, but was that wish just granted by a monkey’s paw?

Here’s the situation we’re in: Sony still holds the movie rights to all characters relating to Spider-Man. They worked out a deal with Disney to fold Spidey and his friends into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but said deal only applied to Spidey himself. That means if Sony wishes to withhold some characters to build their own cinematic world, they have the right.

Because of this, Spider-Man will not be appearing in this movie, nor will Venom ever turn up in any Spider-Man movie under the Disney-Marvel banner. The antihero’s origin has been completely rewritten to not involve Peter Parker at all. Sorry, Venom fans, it’s not gonna happen. You’ll have to settle for this, or the last twenty minutes of Spider-Man 3.

Until now Sony has been hiding what Venom looks like. Now we know why…..it’s even more embarrassing than the thumbnail below makes it look. The Venom face folds over Brock’s like a hoodie. You may not feel like clicking but if you don’t watch it now, you will almost assuredly have it force-fed to you before Infinity War this weekend, so….y’know, might as well get it over with.

One more warning: the word “symbiote” is pronounced wrong several times throughout the trailer. It gets annoying.

Venom stars Tom Hardy as reporter Eddie Brock. It will be out October 5 in theaters.

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