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Venom 2 Will Feature Double The Villains

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Thanks to a post-credits sequence, it’s been known ever since Venom 1 came out that Venom 2 would have Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage, as its Big Bad. But today we found out Carnage will have some help in trying to take down Eddie Brock.

After Venom was introduced as Spider-Man’s enemy in the late 80s, he grew to become so popular that he was given his own book, and eventually, his own Rogue’s Gallery to fight. This necessitated a conveyor-belt rollout of bad guy after bad guy, partially fueled by the Speculator Boom, its hunger for #1 appearances, and those holo-foil comic covers.

Not all of them stuck around. Carnage was pretty much guaranteed a permanent slot due to his status of “Venom, but PURE EVIL” that made the Lethal Protector look good. Shriek, a female villain introduced as Carnage’s potential love interest, didn’t last quite as long. Nevertheless, here she is, freshly dug up for Venom 2. Her powers include shooting sonic blasts, psychically manipulating emotions, and she can also fly.

Who’s playing Shriek? No one knows yet. “Right now the role is not filled, the net is cast wide toward many kinds of actresses,” a source told Deadline, who broke this news this morning. Said anonymous source says Sony is “looking mostly at unknowns right now” to cast her.

Venom 2 is due out roughly a year from now….October 2, 2020.