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Vegeta Voice Actor Reacts To Dragon Ball Popularity Poll


By many accounts, the anime Dragon Ball (and its various prequels, sequels, movies, and so on) have been attributed to the rise of fame in anime in the Western parts of the world. Because before it, many tried to get attention and fame, but with mixed results. But Dragon Ball managed to reach people in such a way that it’s still beloved to this day despite the anime having been off the air for two years. One of the biggest reasons for this love is the characters, including two of the true main characters: Goku and Vegeta.

Goku is the quintessential anime protagonist, and is easily one of the most popular anime characters ever, if not the most popular. With Vegeta though, the prince of the Saiyans has had one of the biggest story arcs in history from full-on villain, to anti-hero, to family man, back to villain, back to anti-hero, back to full-on hero and so on and so forth. And people love the prince…but…that love apparently only goes so far when it comes to Goku.

Because in a recent popularity poll, the Japanese voice actor for the prince of the Saiyans noted that his character once again got second place.

Here’s what the tweet reads in English:

“I found something called “Dragon Ball’s favorite character ranking” I’m in second place again! You can’t beat Kakarot! That said, I’m just grateful to those who voted.”

On one hand, you can understand why Goku ALWAYS gets first place, he’s Goku, the main character and the guy who usually saves the day. But then again, Vegeta deserves to get the spotlight eventually, right? And in fact the Dragon Ball Super anime and its movies have been called out at times for not giving him the glory.

Oh well, there’s always next arc!