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Vegeta To Learn God Of Destruction Techniques?

Vegeta Dragon Ball Super

One of the greatest elements of the Dragon Ball franchise is the continual rivalry between Goku and Vegeta. The Prince of the Saiyans is arguably the greatest character in the anime because of the grand arc he has gone on. He’s someone who has been a villain, an anti-hero, an inspiration, a family-man, back to a villain, back to a hero, and is now one of the two “Super Saiyan Gods” alongside Goku. But as in all things, it’s not enough. He wants to be stronger. Stronger than Goku, stronger than Frieza, whatever it takes.

In the recent manga arc, Beerus (God of Destruction for Universe 7) asked Vegeta if he was going to attempt to learn Ultra Instinct. Vegeta noted that he wasn’t going to be capable of that because of the “calm and concentration” that it would take. Beerus acknowledged that then teased that this was “just the technique that angels used” and that there were “other ways of getting stronger. Which led to the most recent manga reveal that Vegeta wants Beerus to train him in the God of Destruction techniques.

Dragon Ball Vegeta

As you can see, Beerus might actually give the Prince of Saiyan what he wants, or, said Prince will go and use things like food to get Beerus to help him out.

The reason we bring this up is that the Dragon Ball Super Manga has been going strong despite the anime being “done”. Which many fans are sad about because the arcs that have been done in it have been really good and they want to see it animated.

Perhaps with more fan outcry and these new arcs (and the success of Dragon Ball Super: Broly), the anime will get the go-ahead to return. There have been teases, so anything is possible And should the Prince of Saiyans become a God of Destruction himself…that could alter the status quo between him and Goku greatly.