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Unique Buzz Lightyear Question Answered By Pixar Head


There was a time not so long ago where most people would just go to a movie and watch it to enjoy it. But with the age of Easter Eggs and cameos and other references to various franchises and characters it’s become a pastime of many to ask major questions of just about everything. And this doesn’t just include live-action films. It also includes animated films like the Pixar movies. Specifically, Toy Story and its beloved character of Buzz Lightyear.

You see, in the first movie, Buzz Lightyear is convinced for over half the film that he is not a toy, but rather, a true space ranger who just happens to end up on a “strange alien world”. But what many fans noticed is that despite this belief in himself…he still acts like a toy. Meaning that when Andy or other people like Sid, Andy’s mom and so on are in the room with him…he’ll go still like the other toys. But why would Buzz do that if he doesn’t think he’s a toy?

Pixar chief creative officer Pete Docter talked about this with the Huffington Post and his answer was ironically blunt and hilarious. Apparently, while he was co-writer of the film, they did indeed ask that question because at the time they felt it was key to the story.

“We had a lot of explanations and talk about that, too. And in the end, nobody cared.”

Doesn’t that sound perfectly Disney/Pixar? And in truth, it worked because you weren’t supposed to question it outside of when Buzz was animated.

He also noted in that interview that another question they were going to answer was who Boo’s parents were in Monster’s Inc. But they deduced that since Sulley didn’t know about the parents or what they would think of Boo’s “adventures”…neither should the audience.

Docter finished by saying they do try and think about what the audience will ask and what they need to know, and that’s how they go about addressing a lot of things.