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Underhero Arriving In Two Weeks


“Underhero” ventures out from Steam and will be arriving in approximately two weeks – depending on which console you are using – PlayStation receives it first on February 11, 2020, Nintendo Switch gets it next on February 13, 2020 and lucky Xbox One gets it on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2020 [good luck with that one on date night central].


“Underhero” is a side-scroller RPG-platformer where the chosen hero has failed, and an underling of the evil king reluctantly takes his place as the new hero. Elizabeth IV and the little Masked kid use timing-based combat to defeat enemies as you venture across the land, save the princess, face off against quirky bosses, minions and save the Chestnut Kingdom from your own evil boss, the sock puppet from hell, Mr Stitches!


The game is promoted as a “satire of role-playing game tropes”, so you can find many areas of the game to be vaguely recognizable from one of those games which were the satire targets. Enemies consider you to be their ally, so talking to them can unlock information that you might otherwise not have. When attacking, instead of random hits, critical hits occur when you hit an enemy in time with the beat of the music

Key features of the game include…


• Pixel art and cartoon aesthetics

• Jump, slash, evade [to get stamina] talk, and bribe your way through various predicaments

• Turn-based combat… without the turns! Precisely timed actions are your most powerful weapons

• Three level up options [HP, attack, stamina]

Mini Games

Explorable Worlds [with hidden secrets]