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Ultimate Nicktoons Movie In The Works Starring Every Character


Huge news broken by Deadline today: there are now plans to create a Nicktoons movie. Not just A Nicktoons movie, but THE Nicktoons movie, the Roger Rabbit of Viacom properties. A movie in which EVERY Nickelodeon toon would appear and interact — imagine it! They have not announced what the plot would be; that’s up to the hired director Jared Hess, who’s writing the script now with his wife. Previous writing credits for the pair include Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre.

Questions immediately arise for anyone familiar with Nicktoons history. Doug is now owned by Disney; how do you get him into a Paramount film? Will John K be involved in any way assuming Ren and Stimpy appear? What about Jhonen Vasquez for Invader Zim? How does Nick deal with the fact that the rights to all the Ka-Blam! characters have reverted to their original creators? Do Count Duckula and Danger Mouse count? Is the writing staff going to be a Murderer’s Row of past and current talent (preferred) or will Viacom say “screw ’em all” and hire one writer to represent thirty different voices (please don’t)?

And most importantly, how are all those wildly different art styles, 2-D and 3-D, going to mesh with each other at the same time?? Maybe it’ll look like this….

It’s too early to promise you that this movie will even happen — so many projects like this are announced and then fall into Development Hell, and with all the negotiating something like THIS would require, the odds are greater for it. If we ever hear about the Nicktoons movie again, we’ll let you know.