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Uh-Oh, Netflix Still Hasn’t Abandoned That Live-Action One Piece Idea

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Shortly after Netflix announced they were looking into making a live-action iteration of Cowboy Bebop, they said they were also thinking about a live-action One Piece. The former is about to debut next week on the service, but no one’s heard anything about the latter since. And we thought “phew, dodged a bullet.”

Unfortunately, the bullet turned out to be one of those Boomerang Bullets that are probably sold by a shady bug-eyed dealer on the Grand Line and take two or three episodes to dodge.

Live-Action One Piece is not only still in production, they’ve settled on a cast for the thing. Iñaki Godoy (Who Killed Sara?) has been given the rubbery role of Monkey D. Luffy, and four other Straw Hats have been cast alongside him: Mackenyu (Pacific Rim: Uprising) as Roronoa Zoro, Emily Rudd (Fear Street) as Nami, Jacob Romero Gibson (All Rise) as Usopp, and Taz Skylar (nothing) as Sanji.

This show is being produced by Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements (Snowpiercer, Hanna) and written by Steven Maeda (Lost, The X-Files) and Matt Owens (Agents of SHIELD, Luke Cage). Steven and Matt are also serving as as executive producers of a ten-episode first season.

One Piece creator Eiichrio Oda IS involved, and released an enthusiastic statement filled with exclamation points: “We’ve been working with Netflix and Tomorrow Studios on the massive project that is the Hollywood live action series adaptation of One Piece! How many years has it been since it was announced, right? I know, I know! But rest assured we’ve been making steady progress all along! It’s not easy when you’re working with people from different cultures! But it’s precisely that process that can yield something special! For now, we’re able to announce the main cast! These are the people who will be our Straw Hat Pirates! It’ll take a bit more time to get this show done, but we’ll continue to do our best to deliver a show that we’re confident will be enjoyed by everyone around the world! Look forward to more updates in the future!”

When Netflix first announced this project, I commented that it was like making a live-action Roger Rabbit where Roger is a human being in a bunny suit and all of Toontown is played by real people. That still feels right. One Piece is such a CARTOON of a cartoon that you can’t replicate it in the real world without changing everything about it. And if you do that, you lose its appeal.

Cowboy Bebop is fairly grounded and will hopefully make for a great live-action series. But this? No. This is a bite of Gum-Gum no one needs to take.

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