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UFC 2015 Summer Season: 5 Must-Watch Fights


The UFC summer season is nearly upon the globe. After one of the UFC’s strongest first quarters in recent memory, the UFC will be putting on some huge fight cards in the coming months, including UFC 189 during International Fight Week in July. There are some incredible title fights on the horizon, provided the key players do not suffer additional catastrophic injuries, which have already hindered or prevented the process of securing major fights in the Octagon. Here is a group of can’t miss and must-watch fights that are coming for the UFC summer season.

5. UFC 188: Gilbert Melendez vs. Eddie Alvarez


In short, this is a lightweight MMA dream match. Fans have wanted to see this fight for many years, since both men were champions in different organizations outside of the UFC. Now, both men are on the UFC roster, and this fight will finally happen. Both men are impressive strikers with solid boxing. Melendez has an exceptional ground game, but he is coming off his second UFC title loss. This is a must-win scenario for both games, so you can definitely expect fireworks.

4. UFC 188: Cain Velasquez vs. Fabricio Werdum


This is a champion vs. champion bout. Fabricio Werdum became the interim UFC heavyweight champion last November when he knocked out Mark Hunt. Cain Velasquez has been on the injury shelf for almost two years. The last time Velasquez had such a prolonged layoff, he ended up losing his title to Junior dos Santos in 2011. Velasquez has a slick pace, but Werdum has completely transformed his game since he arrived at the top of the UFC heavyweight division. This is a long-delayed fight that will finally blow-off this summer.

3. UFC 187: Jon Jones vs. Anthony Johnson

Jon Jones is fresh off a signature win over former heavyweight champion and Olympic wrestler Daniel Cormier, which was probably the biggest fight and win of his career. Anthony Johnson has experienced an incredible career redemption. After getting cut from the UFC, he battled his way back and cut a path of destruction to the light heavyweight title. Johnson will have an opportunity for an ultimate career comeback moment at UFC 187. Jones is a fighter who is tremendous at turning fighters’ strengths into weaknesses and beating his opponents at his own games. Johnson’s heavy hands are incredible equalizers. I cannot wait to see what happens here.

2. UFC 187: Chris Weidman vs. Vitor Belfort


If all goes well, this long-delayed middleweight title fight will finally happen on Memorial Day Weekend at UFC 187. This fight was supposed to occur last year. The fight was rebooked because of Vitor Belfort’s issues following the ban of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Unfortunately, Belfort was the poster-boy of the TRT debate, and the ban prevented him from a summer 2014 title fight with Weidman. Former light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida received the shot instead, and Weidman won that fight. The fight was rebooked for December 2014 at UFC 181, but then it was postponed after Weidman suffered a broken hand. It was scheduled for UFC 184 in February, but then Weidman suffered another injury in training with a broken rib. Currently, the fight is scheduled for UFC 187. It is almost hard to believe the fight will finally happen, but fingers crossed. Weidman seems to be settling in as champion, but Belfort is still an unbelievable and powerful striker. Will Belfort still be just as strong without TRT? Fight fans will find out next month.

1. UFC 189: Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor


This is quite possibly the biggest, most anticipated fight of the year, and it involves one of the lighter weight classes with the 145-pound featherweights. Conor McGregor experienced a meteoric rise to the top of the featherweight division, and it culminates with a title fight against the longtime reigning champion in Jose Aldo, at UFC 189 on July 11 during International Fight Week. McGregor is accused of being a clown and earning his shot due to his epic trash talk. McGregor’s gift of the gab is unquestionable, but critics should not forget that Conor McGregor earned this fight after going 5-0 at featherweight. He won four of his five UFC wins by knockout. Do I think Jose Aldo loses to McGregor and a new champion is crowned? No; but I cannot wait to see this fight to possibly find out if I am wrong. McGregor is really the most exciting, intriguing opponent Aldo has had during his entire championship tenure. With that, it is no surprise this fight is getting top billing.