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Ubisoft CEO Talks Delay In New Splinter Cell Title

Splinter Cell

Why hasn’t there been a new Splinter Cell game in years? What is Ubisoft doing with the franchise?

Ubisoft has a lot of franchises under their belt, but few are as beloved, and desired, as the Splinter Cell franchise. The stealth series has been around for some time, and now, gamers want it back, and they’ve wanted it back for years. In an interview with IGN, CEO Yves Guillemot noted why the game has taken so long to be reborn:

“When you create a game, you have to make sure you come with something that will be different enough from what you did before,” he said. “The last time we did a Splinter Cell, we had lots of pressure from all the fans actually, saying, ‘don’t change it, don’t do this, don’t do that.’

He did tease that things were coming though:

“So, some of the teams were more anxious to work on the brand. Now there are some people that are looking at the brand, taking care of the brand. So, at one point you will see something, but I can’t say more than that.” Guillemot continued, saying, “Because also of Assassin’s Creed, and all the other brands taking off, people wanted to work on those brands more. So, we have to follow what they like to do.”