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Ubisoft Breaks Down The Crew: Wild Run’s Photo Mode


On the official site for The Crew, Ubisoft went into detail about the upcoming Photo Mode that will be added to The Crew: Wild Run very soon. In the mode, you’ll be allowed to take screenshots of the game in its “best moments”. What those best moments are is entirely up to you. Here’s a small breakdown from Ubisoft:

“Coming soon, Photo mode will give players the ability to capture their best moments in the game. Trigger this mode to freeze your car and everything else around you!

If you’re playing with your friends or any other players, they’ll simply appear frozen on your screen and your screen only. On their side, they’ll still be playing and acting normally!

Of course, Photo mode isn’t a simple “freeze” of your screen. Once triggered, you’ll have access to several settings, allowing you to get that perfect shot with options such as motion blur, exposure, brightness, saturation, and more.”

Furthermore, you’ll be able to adjust the time of day, the mud or “damage” to your car, as well as be able to zoom in, zoom out, and adjust the camera. Ubisoft took some more shots of vehicles in the Photo Mode of Drive Club, you can check them out via the link above.

What kind of shots do you think you’ll take? Let us know in the comments below!