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TZ @ SDCC: Del Rey Gets Phoenix Wright Manga and More


Del Rey brought a fairly impressive crew to their panel at Comic Con 2007; division head Dallas Middaugh, Editor Tricia Narwani, Licencing Director Mutsumi Miyazaki, Marketing Director Ali Kokmen, Writer Jason Thompson and P.R. Head April Flores were in attendance. They also came with plenty of news in hand, as they announced the following 4 major manga titles:

  • Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima (manga-ka of Rave Master,) orignally serialized in Kodansha’s Shonen magazine and due out April 2008.
  • Hell Girl by Miyuki Eto, originally serialized in Kodansha’s Nakayoshi magazine and due out February 2008.
  • Me And The Devil Blues by Akira Hiromoto, originally serialized in Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine and due out Summer 2008.
  • Phoenix Wright: Attorney at Law, due out March 2008.

Meanwhile, on the novel/fact guide side, they picked up the following:

  • The Genshiken Fan Book by Kio Shimoku, due out Summer 2008.
  • Dark Wars: Meiji Dracula by Hideyuki Kikuchi (creator of Vampire Hunter D,) due out February 2008.
  • Psycho Busters: The Novel by Yuya Aoki (creator of Get-Backers,) due out April 2008.

Additionally, they debuted art from their first two Original English Langange Manga projects, Nina Matsumoto’s Yokaiden and The Reformed by Christopher Hart and Anzu.

In Q&A, it was revealed that their experiment with omnibus manga did very well, and that their mature line has also been a clear cut success with more titles being persued for that format; however, the hardback edition of Q-Ko-Chan v.1 hasn’t been such a clear success, so they may not do further hardcover releases. Also, they said technical difficulties are why Tsubasa and xxxHolic have been delayed some what as of late.

Stay tuned to Toon Zone News for complete coverage from San Diego Comic-Con 2007 throughout the weekend.