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TZ @ SDCC: Boondocks Season Two Plot Teasers


At San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, the crew from The Boondocks held a panel and they spent a portion of it discussing plots for upcoming episodes of season two. Because the following may contain spoilers, this story has been kept separate from our previous article on the Boondocks panel. Plots mentioned for the upcoming season include the following:

  • Stinkmeaner, who died in season one, returns in a Halloween special. Expect the episode to have The Excorcist and The Shining related gags, with Stinkmeaner possessing Tom’s body.
  • Riley joins the basketball team Tom is coaching.
  • Uncle Ruckus gets a reality show.
  • An episode titled “The N Word” which has Riley’s teacher calling him the titled word. In part due to the prolonged development of season two, this episode was developed before the current media situations cropped up over the use of the word by certain white celebrities.

The crew also gave information in regards to the fate of the series’ recurring characters. Gangstalicious (known in the show for the hit single “I Got Shot”), along with Gin Rummy and W will return. Additionally, while who they will voice is currently unrevealed, Ghostface Killah and Snoop Dogg are among the guest voices this season. Finally, although the character Caesar from the Boondocks comic strip will not be in season two, they would still like to use him in the future.

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