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Twitch Launches Rewards Program For Overwatch League Viewers


Stage 2 of Overwatch League begins today, and as the exclusive streamer of the event, how can Twitch entice more people into watching? Perhaps a few bribes wouldn’t hurt?

Yup…from this point forward, anyone with a Twitch account will be able to reap rewards from simply watching the Overwatch League stream. The act of Cheering (with Twitch Bits) can translate into in-game hero skins, new chat emotes, and team-branded loot, plus possible placement on the Cheer leaderboard. But that’s just the lightweight stuff….you can also earn Tokens.

Up to this point getting Tokens from OWL involved making a direct donation to the team you favored, or by winning one of their giveaways. Now Tokens can be absorbed from just watching the game — it’s a slower process, but you’ll receive one token per live map finish, so it adds up eventually. Reaping that reward requires linking your Battle.net account with Twitch, MLG.com, or OverwatchLeague.com. 100 Tokens gets you a new skin of your choice in the PS4, XBox One or PC version of Overwatch.

There’s no telling if Twitch’s new strategy will pay off, but it will remain active at least through the end of this season.

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