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Twitch Announces Massive Pokemon Marathon

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How many times can you watch Team Rocket fail to capture Pikachu until you OD and fall over dead? Twitch is participating in a bold experiment to find out the answer.

Twitch is most known as the place to find video game livestreams, but in recent months it’s taken on a secondary function as the home of quirky streaming marathons. Their main channel, Twitch Presents, has broadcasted every episode of Bob Ross, Mister Rogers, Doctor Who (classic edition), and most recently, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Now they’re taking on their most ambitious stream yet: a Pokemon marathon.

We’re talking about the cartoon series, an anime that just surpassed 1,000 episodes. Twitch has acquired the rights to 932 of these, plus 16 of the 20 existing movies. And they’re going to show them all, one after another, in a row. It will take them until 2019, but by gar, they’re gonna do it.

Starting this coming Monday, August 27, every episode of Pokemon from Indigo League through XYZ will run in order beginning with Episode One. The Pokemon marathon will run in eight-hour chunks per day, starting at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern. Sunday mornings are Movie Day, where one of the 16 movies will appear at 10 AM. And if you miss something you wanted to see, repeats will stream on Fridays and Saturdays.

Unlike the original run, you can actually catch Pokemon yourself while you watch. Twitch will give out badges with Pokemon on them during each episode. The more episodes you binge through, the more Pokemon you amass, and the higher you’ll place on the leaderboard.

First Twitch Played Pokemon…..now Pokemon plays on Twitch! Tune into the Twitch Presents Pokemon Marathon starting Monday.