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Twelve Shorts from Frederator Studios


Frederator Studios and Sony Pictures Animation are working together to distribute twelve short films on the Cartoon Hangover YouTube page. The shorts are created by a variety of animators as part of a initiative to highlight new and upcoming artists. Sony Pictures Animation and Frederator Studios selected twelve of the many pitches they received from animators. At least one of the shorts is expected to receive it’s own series on Cartoon Hangover.

The first short, “The Summoning”, was created by Elyse Castro and tells the story of Claire, a witch, and her cat Edgar as they search for the last ingredient to complete Claire’s spell. Castro used experiences with her sister and the antics of her cats to develop the story. This short is quite amusing yet kind of creepy at the same time. The next shorts continue to release every other Tuesday starting with “Boots” on November 21st.