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Turning Red Turns To Disney+, Skips Theaters

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Disney’s Turning Red was to be the first Pixar movie in about two years to have a theatrical run. All systems were go for a March 11 launch on the big screen, but this afternoon, news broke that the Mouse has changed its mind.

March 11 will now mark the date that Turning Red premieres on Disney+ instead, just like Soul and Luca before it. The distressingly high numbers in the latest COVID epidemic were cited as the motive. Some fans are having positive reactions, pointing out Encanto never really blew up in popularity until it appeared on the streamer, and that maybe this should be the new norm.

This reporter disagrees. It definitely can’t be permanent. I don’t think you can support two entire animation studios on whatever revenue Disney+ brings in. And after seeing Warner Bros. execs looking at their balance sheets after they pulled The CW’s main source of profit (licensing their shows to other parties) and making plans to dump the whole enterprise over the mess they created themselves, I’m kinda worried some dum-dum in a suit is going to say “Did you know the box office numbers for the last three Pixar movies have been ZERO?? Time to shut the whole place down.”

You still want to have a Pixar, don’t you? Then you want theatrical premieres.

Turning Red is about a Toronto girl named Mei Lee (voiced by Rosalie Chiang) who is happy, enthusiastic and outgoing until the fateful night when her family genes fully kick in and she gains the ability to spontaneously turn into a red panda. This will now happen whenever she gets upset, and in “normal mode” her hair is now permanently orange. She doesn’t take it very well.

You’ll be able to see Turning Red on Disney+ March 11, but the next Pixar movie seriously needs to find a way to get back on the big screen.


  1. Personally, me and a LOT of people are happy with this news. I’m not going to go to a movie theater for 2 hours and risk getting COVID just to watch a movie. This is why the West Side Story remake bombed at the box office. All of us who WANT to see this won’t do so for risk of getting COVID. If you want to go see a movie in a movie theater and risk getting COVID, that’s fine, but give those of us who don’t want to take the risk even while fully vaccinated and boosted an option to pay and see it in the safety of our own home. I haven’t been to the movie theater since Mar. 2019, and I’m happy waiting for it to be available for rent to see a movie I want to see. At least HBO Max understands this. For non-streamers like me, I have to wait a bit longer for a movie. This is the new normal.