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Tuca & Bertie Return June 13 On Adult Swim

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It’s going to be a wild summer on Adult Swim as Tuca & Bertie crash-land into the lineup with new adventures. We have a specific airdate for the return of the cult favorite — ten never before seen episodes will begin airing this June.

Pretty much everyone involved with Season One is back, including vocal leads Tiffany Haddish (Tuca) and Ali Wong (Bertie), Bertie’s boyfriend Speckle (Steven Yeun), and assorted other characters. Creator and executive producer Lisa Hanawalt is still around and so are executive producers Raphael Bob-Waksberg, Noel Bright and Steven A. Cohen (Haddish and Wong also have these titles).

As with a certain other AS original we’ll mention a bit later, predicting what happens in an average Tuca & Bertie episode is virtually impossible, which is why it’s fortunate Variety got their hands on some episode descriptions. High-strung worrywart Bertie will begin seeing a therapist to get rid of her “inner ghouls,” while Tuca, the more free-spirited of the pair, “prefers to stuff hers behind the toilet” and knowing this show that is probably literally what happens.

“We’re so excited to be on Adult Swim! I can’t wait for the world to see our girls Tuca and Bertie — and our main man Speckle — getting into some fresh nonsense this season,” said Hanawalt in a publicly released statement.

Tuca & Bertie are set to return June 13. Readers will note according to a post from last weekend, this is precisely one week before Rick and Morty returns on June 20. AS is supportive enough of this show that they’re willing to premiere it BEFORE their most popular series, and then run their premieres together. That’s pretty cool — and if you Rick and Morty fanatics have never seen Tuca & Bertie, you should love it. They share similar DNA in terms of cartoon anarchy and being nearly impossible to predict.

Once again, that’s June 13. Remember to tune in so we get a Season 3!