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Trunks Vs Silver Shows The Insane Levels Of Their Franchises In Newest Death Battle!

Trunks Vs Silver

Death Battle is now three episodes into the back half of its ninth season and it’s clear that the team are trying to deliver some of the most epic and brutal matches they’ve ever gone for. Black Adam vs. Apocalypse was brutal and took things to another level of violence. And now, Trunks Vs Silver has arrived to take things to a whole new dimension! One that perfectly showcases the insane scope and powers of their respective universes. Even if some of you haven’t viewed these particular variations of the main canon.

Because in this fight, they acknowledge immediately that if this was a fight between Trunks of Dragon Ball fame and Silver from the Sonic ’06 video game, Silver would be destroyed instantly, or pretty close to that. Therefore, they took things to a different level by bringing in the most powerful form of Trunks via his time in the Dragon Ball Heroes/Xenoverse timelines, and brought in the Archie Comics version of Silver. That way their best and most powerful versions would collide with one another.

These are two time-traveling warriors who have crossed through dimensions to save their realities, and they are known for incredible feats of power and speed. So while it may have been lop-sided once upon a time, this twist on the matchup makes things much closer.

You can watch Trunks Vs Silver below:

As for next time on Death Battle, the team hinted before the above fight that fans might not be able to guess who was coming next. And they were right. Because next time it’s Spongebob Squarepants…versus Aquaman. But wait! Not the Aquaman from the comics that has already appeared in Death Battle. No, this is the version from the infamous Super Friends cartoon. The version so bad an inept that it set the character back decades until Jason Momoa showed how epic the character can be.

We’ll find out in two weeks how wacky that fight gets.