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It’s True: Regular Show Is About To End

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Rumors have been flying these past few months about the upcoming eighth season of Regular Show possibly being its last. Today Cartoon Network’s chief content officer Rob Sorcher confirmed the rumors are true: Mordecai and Rigby’s final adventure will air sometime in January. Creator’s wishes.

Regular Show has been so much fun,” says series creator JG Quintel, who was given a rare opportunity to produce his dream cartoon for many seasons AND end it on his own terms. “We got to tell all of the stories we wanted to tell,” he says, and “we’re making the choice to go out exactly how we want to go out.”

Regular Show premiered in 2010 on an anemic, ailing Cartoon Network that was still nursing its wounds from a disastrous live-action reality experiment, and needed a hit. Along with frequently-paired program Adventure Time, Regular Show brought the network out of a ratings slump and launched a new era of quality and creativity on CN, which continues to this day.

CN released a clip from the eighth season premiere last month; here it is again in case you missed it. Regular Show’s eighth and final season will begin broadcast September 26 on Cartoon Network.