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Tropico 6 – The Llama Of Wall Street DLC Drops


The paid DLC – The Llama of Wall Street – has dropped for “Tropico 6” and it provides you with the chance to rule your small country with even more authority and autonomy than you previously enjoyed.


As El Presidente in The Llama of Wall Street, you get to manipulate stock markets through the Trade Institute to your whims and desires and you know what that means – Arabian oil is your best buddy – as is uranium and a few other items, essentially, whatever lines your pockets with wealth, and you can do this because you are El Presidente and you make the rules.


The Toy Workshop and Smart Furniture Studio are two new buildings that you may also use to extend your power of the economy even further in your banana republic kingdom. Along with a new sandbox map to explore, random events keep you busy reacting to the volatile economy just in case you get bored making all that money.