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Triple Cash on All Survival Modes In GTA Online

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Enjoy the survival modes in GTA Online? Then this is the week for you. What can you gain from some of Los Santos’ most punishing activities?

Survival jobs are worth three times the GTA$ this week. Any of the nine survival maps in the Jobs menu will pay out major cash. The longer you and your team last, the more rewards you’ll get — up to ten waves of enemies. You’ll get weapon reloads between each round. The triple payout ends May 8.

You can also head over to Simeon Yetarian’s for some Premium Deluxe Repo Work. The following missions will earn you Double GTA$ & RP:

Simeon has a client with a very specific wish list – but he can only leave international waters for so long. At short notice, he requires a skilled team to resort to some assertive repossession techniques. Repo high-end vehicles around Los Santos and deliver them to the docks before the client ships out.

During a recent stroll through Rockford Hills, Simeon spotted some very beautiful cars outside some very empty second mansions. An unscrupulous person could airlift them right out without triggering the alarm. Acquire a Cargobob and rescue these poor vehicles from a lifetime of neglect.

When a limited edition MTL Brickade RV goes missing during transit to Los Santos, Simeon hears about it. And when a filthy little tin can dealership in Sandy Shores mysteriously acquires just such an RV, he hears about that too. Go there and acquire this beautiful vehicle by any means necessary.

Anyone with a Biker Business will gain a 25% speed boost in manufacturing this week. Use this to your advantage by meeting with your MC and get Double GTA$ & RP on all MC Work & Challenges. This will open up Clubhouse Contracts, a series of high-risk, high-reward missions that require the use of an MC. These contracts will also net Double Rewards through May 8.

On the subject of sales, you can get 40% off Biker Businesses and more:

As far as freebies go, you get two new shirts for logging on this week: the White and Red Nagasaki and Steel Horse Logo Tees.

Finally, here are the locations where the Premium Races will be held this week. Enter them through the Quick Job App on your in-game phone or via the yellow corona at Legion Square. Ante up GTA$20K and compete for first place against seven other racers, which awards GTA$100K, while 2nd and 3rd place finishers will receive GTA$30K and GTA$20K respectively.

  • May 2: At the Races (locked to Off-Road)
  • May 3 – 6: Senora Freeway (locked to Super)
  • May 7 – 8: Muscle In (locked to Muscle)

GTA Online is available on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC.