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Trials Of Mana Updated For Its 25th Anniversary

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From an American perspective, Trials of Mana just came out, AND it just turned 25. The beloved third entry in the Mana series was formerly known as Seiken Densetsu 3 due to never being localized. Originally released in Japan in 1995, there were once plans on the drawing board to publish it in the West as “Secret of Mana 2,” but slowing sales of the Super NES console put the kibosh on an official translation.

This remained the case until last year when Square decided not only to release a 3D version of Trials of Mana worldwide, but apply the English translation of the new game onto the old game and release them both. The long-overdue 16-bit Trials of Mana showed up here within Collection of Mana for Switch (still available and cheap!), and the new and improved polygonal Trials made its debut on Switch, PS4 and Steam earlier this year.

But that’s not the end. As we already stated, this week marks Trials of Mana’s 25th anniversary, and Square is celebrating by adding some new content to all versions of the game, free of charge. Here’s what’s arriving in the update….

“Expert” Difficulty and Level Reset in New Game Plus: When starting the game over, you will now have the option of a harder difficulty setting, as well as the ability to revert your characters to Level 1 if you’d rather not carry all your experience through. Combine them both for a real challenge.

“No Future” Difficulty Setting: So you feel you’re too much of an expert for Expert? Fine…handle THIS. It increases the strength of all enemies, puts time limits on boss battles, and severely restricts the use of items and abilities. You can, however, obtain stronger equipment to fight with — but other than that you’re on your own!

Survive No Future and you’ll get the Rabite Slippers, which let you creep across fields and dungeons without alerting enemies to your presence. At this point, they should really fear you anyway.

Costume adjustments, addition of extra Goddess Statues to the maps, and bug fixes: Self-explanatory.

Trials of Mana is available now for PS4, Switch and PC. If you don’t own it yet, a special birthday sale has reduced its price by 30% on all systems, and there’s also a 50% price reduction for Secret of Mana (PS4, Steam) and Collection of Mana (Switch). The birthday sale lasts until November 2.