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Transformers Prime – “Plus One” – Episode 59 Recap


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Wheeljack and Arcee team up to find another Predacon fossil. Meanwhile unlikely pairing June and Fowler track another only for Knock Out to intrude.

Oh, so Wheeljack didn’t leave the Autobots, he was just being huffy. Unfortunately, this does little to change my mind from last episode’s treatment of him. Arcee notices and takes him out on a fossil hunt in an attempt to set him right. The setup is logical: Wheeljack needs to get over himself and Arcee has been down the path of a loner before; she of all people knows the right words needed to convince Wheeljack that he doesn’t need to stick to his glory days or shun his teammates because he doesn’t play well with others.


Except he already did get over this, way back in “Loose Cannons”. This is further extended to “Triage” where he had no problem working alongside Ratchet. After that, he lends a hand in battle with no hesitation in “Darkest Hour” before willingly joining the Autobots for the first four episodes of season three. Wheeljack can and will work with others without letting go of his Wreckers ideals. I’m aware “Plus One” is attempting to invoke the lesson that he’s clinging onto a dying tradition, but it contradicts the previous message by saying he has to choose one over the other. It’s pedestrian and insulting that whatever character development Wheeljack had is officially kaput.

The June/Fowler plot is a little better. I’ve wanted a June episode for a while and though it’s not what I expected, it’s all right. She and Fowler have their moments, though I wish their romance wasn’t so forced because they are not being subtle about it at all. I do like them together, but her limited interaction with the rest of the cast, let alone Fowler, doesn’t have the organic growth needed for something this big to work. There’s also a couple of scenes where June acts unusually childish despite her age. The biggest offender is when she decides to join Fowler to obtain a Predacon fossil because hey, if her son can do it, so can she. Lady, you’re not a sixteen-year-old teenager.


Knock Out is still the best character in the show: he gets a smorgasbord of delectable lines here and I do so love it when he and Starscream argue.

Overall, “Plus One” is a lackluster episode with a meager plot and tedious life lessons. There isn’t anything that stands out. Predaking is self-aware and up to something, but even that’s old hat by this point. It’s time to give us something new.