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Trailer Released For Third Adventure Time: Distant Lands Special

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The third Adventure Time: Distant Lands special is almost here! “Together Again” has been revealed as its title, and it’s been pegged for a May 20 debut on HBO Max — and of course there’s a trailer.

The stars of this one are none other than the stars of the original show — Finn and Jake. it took them long enough, right? Finn has retired from adventuring, but as the famous quote goes, “just when I thought I was out, they PULL me back in.” He and Jake have no choice but to save the world again with the help of some weird angelic banana creature. One weird thing we noticed is the appearance of Classic Ice King, who simply shouldn’t be there (unless this is Gunther….it’s probably Gunther).

This trailer is short (we expect another one to appear not too long from now) and says very little about what brings Finn and Jake back together after being separated in the last episode. The official plot description doesn’t offer much either: “Will Finn and Jake be best bros forever as they embark on the most important adventure of their lives?” I dunno, WB, you tell me.

The special follows BMO, an hour-long adventure last summer with everyone’s favorite talking computer-thing, and November’s Obsidian, a follow-up on Marceline and Princess Bubblegum as they settled into their new lives together and Marceline helped defeat the monster menacing the Glass Kingdom.

One wonders why we’re getting Finn and Jake now, instead of saving them for the end. Our original report on these specials indicated “Together Again” would be the fourth and final special, but it appears at some point since then the order was flipped, and now the last one will star Peppermint Butler (hope it’s an exciting climax).

Adventure Time: Distant Lands — Together Again premieres May 20 on HBO Max.