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Toy Story 5 (Plus Other Disney Films) Have Release Dates Revealed

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Disney announced today that a release date has been locked into place for Toy Story 5: June 19, 2026. What this sequel is about is unclear.

It will more than likely be about toys who come to life when humans aren’t looking at them, but other than that, no plot details have been revealed. No one knows what Pixar has in mind or why they felt a fifth movie was necessary — or if they had a choice. Whether a Toy Story 5 is a good idea or not, we’re getting one.

Maybe we shouldn’t be so negative because it’s not like Pixar has released a bad Toy Story. Even 4, which had no apparent reason to exist after 3 tied things up so well, didn’t turn out terrible. We just don’t see how you can drag the story out any further than it has already been dragged. Surprise us (in a good way)!

On this same day, Disney also announced the release dates for a few other movies in development. Moana has been booted an entire year from June 27, 2025, to July 10, 2026. No, we don’t mean Moana 2, which is still on track to debut this fall. We mean a live-action take on the first Moana, which still feels way too soon to attempt. How many Moanas do we need? How many Toy Stories do we need?

The Mandalorian & Grogu, the big-screen debut of everyone’s favorite baby Yoda and surrogate father, will arrive in 2026 before either Moana or Toy Story 5, on May 22. That’s a long time to wait for this particular story to continue after three seasons of the TV show came out relatively quickly in comparison. But Dave Filoni has said in interviews this will be a huge crossover film that will involve more than just them. Maybe Ahsoka and Sabine will make it back from that distant planet in time to star as well.

Finally, Tron 3, or Tron: Ares as it’s now known, has been set for October 20, 2025. Ares is the name of the program at the center of the story, who has somehow crossed over into the real world. About time, we say. There might be too many Moanas and Toy Stories, but there aren’t enough Trons.

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