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Top 10 Pixel Art Games Coming Out in 2022


The world of gaming is getting closer to attaining near-realistic graphics with modern technology. But at the same time, game developers are working around the clock to develop games that mimic the retro 16-bit graphics to bring back the good old days of retro gaming with a touch of modern gameplay mechanics.

There’s a huge fanbase out there that loves pixelated games more than anything. And since we are already halfway through 2022, I think it’s about time we took a deep dive into the ocean of upcoming pixel art games. And there are quite a lot of games coming out this year.

Here’s a list of the top 10 pixel-art indie games you should be looking forward to in 2022!

Sons of Valhalla

Sons of Valhalla is one of my favorite titles on this list and for many good reasons. Set in the ancient times of the Vikings era, the game tells a story about two lovers who met a tragic incident when England raided their once-peaceful village and destroyed whatever stood in their way, and took the girl away as a hostage.

The game puts you in the shoes of the lover, who now has to take revenge from the invaders who destroyed his village and killed his people, and save his girlfriend from captivity. The gorgeous art style combined with a compelling storyline makes for a memorable adventure. It’s definitely worth putting down on your list.

Space Bandit

Your gang has abandoned you in the time of need and left you to die but against all odds… you have survived through the harshest of conditions and now you have come back to take revenge from your gang. Set in a space, the game lets you experience the hardcore roguelite gameplay with intense fast-paced shooting action with a slew of deadly weapons to choose from.

It’s thrilling mix of intense top-down shooter with retro pixelated graphics that seems be heavily inspired by the likes of Hotline Miami. What I love the most about this game is that it features super clever enemy AI that puts your combat skills to the ultimate test.

Football Story

Football Story is probably the best title on this list because there’s just a lot this game has to offer from an immersive yet emotional storyline with great presentation and tons of activities to do in this vast pixelated world. You assume the role of young die-hard fans of soccer as they try to move up the ladder from their small towns and villages.

Each character has its own unique story to tell and demons to fight in their everyday life and that’s what makes this title so good. You get to live a normal life, do everyday life chores, practice to get better at soccer and chill out with your friends. And the best part is that you can challenge your friends in an intense match of soccer in multiplayer mode.


Blastronaut takes you through the gates of space and into the unknown planets filled with alien life. But then again, you are not an ordinary astronaut, you are an agent of chaos with a gooey gun that can literally destroy anything to gather valuable resources.

The game features a procedurally generated world that you can explore using your jetpack to fly around with ease and fight through the trouble with your deadly weapons. Explore the mysterious planets, fight monsters, collect valuable items and escape! Not the best game when it comes to the story but definitely worth checking out if you love chaotic action.

A Space for the Unbound

If you love story-driven games with a deep storyline that is equal parts emotional and challenging, A Space for the Unbound might just be the title that your soul so badly craves. It tells a story about two high school lovers on a journey to self-discovery, overcoming anxiety and depression, and what it means to be in a relationship.

The game is set in a small town in Indonesia with breathtaking visuals and lively characters that are always up for a quick chat. However, something far more sinister is at play in this seemingly normal town and you must investigate to find out and save yourself from losing your consciousness. It’s a perfect grab-bag for players who love a good storyline more than epic fights.


This list just can’t be completed without zombies and luckily we have just the perfect game. Wanderlost puts you in the shoes of one of the last survivors who is trying to make the most of the resources around him in a wilderness full of man-eating monstrosities. The game comes packed with a lot of exciting features including base building, farming, cooking, hunting, and of course, fighting zombies.

The art style looks amazing and the attention to detail is great. It reminds of me Stardew Valley but in a post-apocalyptic situation with similar features that will keep you hooked for hours. I love the day-night cycle, which makes for some interesting encounters in the wilderness. The combat is super smooth with a variety of weapons to help you survive the evil clutches of these monsters.


While we are on the topic of post-apocalpytic games, Replaced is yet another thrilling sci-fi action platformer that is set in a world suffering from a catastrophic event. Playing as an AI trapped in a human body, you have to survive in a world that is now ruled by greed and corruption. The game features intense free-flow combat combined with immersive cinematic platforming that makes for epic fight scenes.

Besides the intense combat, the game also features gorgeous retro-stylized visuals in a futuristic setting. This is by far one of the most action-packed and gore-filled titles on this list featuring epic executions that are thrilling to watch. Definitely one of the best titles coming out in 2022!

The Unliving

Moving on from brain-dead zombies, let’s step into the world of the undead. The Unliving is yet another thrilling action-packed Roguelite RPG where you assume the role of a powerful Necromancer who is assembling an army of the undead by killing the living. Each living that you kill gets reborn as undead and joins your army to wreak havoc in the world.

The game features a rich art style with a complex procedurally generated map that makes for a unique adventure. Each character, when alive, has different skills and weapons to fight for their survival and when they die, they can use the same skills against the army of living.

With all these awesome-looking titles coming out, 2022 seems to be a great year for pixel art games. These are just a handful of the many games that are yet to come out this year and hopefully the next. Make sure to save up because if you love pixel art games, the list’s going to be very long!