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The Top 10 Most Epic Generation III Pokemon


Nintendo may not be doing so hot as a company right now, but the Pokemon franchise has never been stronger. The next generation is coming via Sun/Moon, the anime is still going on, and the original games that were re-released have sold over 1.5 million copies. Add that to the hopefully good Pokemon Go, and it’s never been a better time to be a Pokemon fan.

As such, I thought it would be fun to break down the most epic Pokemon from each generation as we get closer to Sun and Moon. These are my personal favorites in the epic category, so while you may disagree, remember, these are my choices. Feel free to Pokemon Battle it up with me in the comments. You can check out my picks for Generation I, and Generation II if you need to catch up.

Hoenn was a very different region when we were introduced. The landscape was in many ways different, and it’s where the infamous “too much water” meme came from. Also though, it introduced a different kind of story. As the evil Team Magma or Team Aqua fought to control legendary Pokemon and remake the world in their image.

Many though do consider Hoenn as one of the best generations in regards to the Pokemon that live in the region. With that, let’s dive into the Top 10 Most Epic Generation III Pokemon!

Note: Unlike previous regions, this one was the hardest to make, several Pokemon that I do consider epic didn’t make the cut. Feel free to talk with me about it in the comments below!

10. #321 Wailord


“Wailord is the largest of all identified Pokémon up to now. This giant Pokémon swims languorously in the vast open sea, eating massive amounts of food at once with its enormous mouth.”

Wailord earns its way on to the list for its sheer size. As the Pokedex notes, it is the largest Pokemon in existence. No small feat, especially when compared to other Pokemon on this list alone. When viewed in the Pokemon, it appears to be near 100x larger than the trainer in the game.

Then, when we see it in the anime, we truly get a grasp for just how large Wailord is. Further cementing the power, and epicness, of this Pokemon. True, it may not be a practical battler in many cases, but in the open oceans of Hoenn? This is Pokemon is close to king.

9. #288 Vigoroth


“Vigoroth is alwvigorothays itching and agitated to go on a wild rampage. It simply can’t tolerate sitting still for even a minute. This Pokémon’s stress level rises if it can’t be moving constantly.”

Just as diverse as Pokemon, are the personality types usually associated with the Pokemon. Furthermore, there are personality battle styles that some Pokemon have genetically. This is where Vigoroth gets his due. While he may look like a vicious sloth/baboon mix, Vigoroth is actually one of the most aggressive Pokemon in existence. It is constantly itching for battle, and when it does battle, it’s a bloody berserker.

In the games and the anime, Vigoroth is one of the Pokemon the Gym Leader Norman uses, and for good reason. In the anime, his Vigoroth took out Pikachu quite handily, forcing Ash to rethink any strategies he used when he went up against Norman in the rematch. That fight alone proved just amazing a Pokemon Vigoroth is.

8. #297 Hariyama


“Hariyama practices its straight-arm slaps in any number of locations. One hit of this Pokémon’s powerful, openhanded, straight-arm punches could snap a telephone pole in two.”

Speaking of unique fighting styles, Hariyama was no doubt made to simulate the style of a Sumo wrestler. With its massive size and weight, along with its massive hands, Hariyama can take all sorts of abuse, then dish it right back. This makes it very hard for Pokemon to battle Hariyama in close quarters combat, as they would be playing right into its hands. Literally.

It’s this reason that Brawly uses Hariyama as his final Pokemon, and it was this Pokemon that would defeat Ash in his first attempt at that gyms badge. Ironically, Ash used Hariyama’s own body against it by harming its feet so that it couldn’t support its own massive weight.

Regardless, Hariyama is a force to be reckoned with. Underestimating this Pokemon could prove costly.


7. #359 Absol


“Every time Absol appears before people, it is followed by a disaster such as an earthquake or a tidal wave. As a result, it came to be known as the disaster Pokémon.”

Absol is a very special Pokemon, mainly because it’s literally defined as a “disaster” Pokemon. What does that mean? Well, as the Pokedex notes, every time an Absol appears in the wild, bad things happen. Mainly, natural disasters.

Absol could literally be defined as the “bad luck Pokemon”. For if you see an Absol, bad things are sure to follow. When you are the sole Pokemon tied to a category? That makes you epic.

6. #365 Walrein



“Walrein’s two massively developed tuskscan totally shatter blocks of ice weighing 10 tons with one blow. This Pokémon’s thick coat of blubber insulates it from subzero temperatures.”

You’d never guess when you caught your Sealeo just exactly how powerful, and epic looking, it was going to become. Walrein is proof that a walrus can be terrifying. Just look at the picture above, that is not a Pokemon to be messed with. That’s not even noting the immense power that Walrien, as it’s ability to use both ice and water attacks is frightening. Then of course you have its massive tusks, which can crush many, many, things. Do not get caught in this Pokemon’s bite.

Walrein is not only used by Juan, but also shown in the movie Destiny Deoxys, as a herd of Walrein stampede and cause a young boy to be afraid of Pokemon for quite some time. If you saw a bunch of Walrein nearly trample you? You might be the same.

5. #282 Gardevoir


“Gardevoir has the ability to read the future. If it senses impending danger to its Trainer, this Pokémon is said to unleash its psychokinetic energy at full power.”

Very few Pokemon are ever a single gender. As like with our own world, looks aren’t as distinguished as one might think. One of the exceptions though is Gardevoir, who decidedly female.

Gardevoir is an incredibly powerful psychic Pokemon, with every evolution getting stronger, and more elegant in look. In fact, Gardevoir was one of the Hoenn Pokemon to get a Mega Evolution, where her “dress” becomes more fully formed. Also of course, amplifying its power. Furthermore, Gardevoir was one of the “past” Pokemon to be upgraded to the Fairy-type.

This Pokemons popular was so strong, that it was featured in the game Pokken Tournament, despite it not being a fighting type Pokemon at all.

4. Blaizken


“In battle, Blaziken blows out intense flames from its wrists and attacks foes courageously. The stronger the foe, the more intensely this Pokémon’s wrists burn.”

Not surprisingly, many consider the starter Pokemon from each region to be some of the best Pokemon. For this list, the sole Pokemon getting that honor is Blaziken. As a fighting and fire type, Blaziken has a very unique combo of moves. So much so that the next two fire starters were also fighting types.

Not only that though, Blaziken is incredibly athletic, being able to jump massive distances into the air, and then land with ease. Numerous trainers, including a certain companion of Ash, have used Blaziken, and it quickly became one of the most popular Hoenn Pokemon. In fact, a Blaziken, and its Mega Evolution, are a part of the current series Pokemon XY. As it, and its trainer, are protectors of Lumoise City.

3. #376 Metagross


“Metagross has four brains in total. Combined, the four brains can breeze through difficult calculations faster than a supercomputer. This Pokémon can float in the air by tucking in its four legs.”

An almost literal Steel behemoth, Metagross may be a pain to get to after catching a Beldum, but the end result is worth it. Metagross is incredibly powerful, and its mixing of steel and psychic type moves means its a threat both up close and far away. Not to mention, it can actually “tuck in” its legs and hover away at surprising speed considering its weight.

Metagross has been used by many trainers, and has been seen in many movies and in several regions of the anime. One look at Metagross and you can see why.

2. #384 Rayquaza


“Rayquaza is said to have lived for hundreds of millions of years. Legends remain of how it put to rest the clash between Kyogre and Groudon.”

Dragons may not be a rare thing in Pokemon, as they are their own type, but few compare with the epicness and majesty that is Rayquaza.

It’s long sleek form, it’s massive roar, and the fact that it’s the third of the legendary trinity in Hoenn prove that Rayquaza deserves to be near the top of the list. Rayquaza is almost literally as fast as lightning, and in battle it uses its strength and speed to overwhelm its opponents.

Also, in Hoenn lore, it was Rayquaza that brought an end to the battle between Kyogre and Groudon, and is brought to life when you have to fight it in the Sky Pillar in Pokemon Emerald.

Rayquaza’s legacy was further cemented in the movie Destiny Deoxys, where it had some of the most intense battles in Pokemon movie history. Then, it actually made another appearance in the Hoopla movie, where it not only allied itself with Ash, but showed off its devastating Mega Evolution.

This Pokemon is a desire of many a trainer, and all should very this sky dragon.

1. #386 Deoxys


“The DNA of a space virus underwent a sudden mutation upon exposure to a laser beam and resulted in Deoxys. The crystalline organ on this Pokémon’s chest appears to be its brain.”

Many a Pokemon fan did not know about Deoxys when Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire arrived. However, a movie baring its name changed that. Debuting a special massive event on Kids WB, Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys showed that not only is there life out there in space, but it is freaking boss.

Deoxys is most certainly not your average Pokemon. It is even defined as a DNA Pokemon, and for good reason. For much like DNA, or even a virus, it can change its shape and form to better suit the needs it believes it has. It has a form for attack power, speed, defense, and even one that balances it all, Deoxys has a trick, and form, for every battle.

This was proven full force when it went up against Rayquaza, and not only held its own, but arguably out fought and outlasted the dragon. Even when it took a Hyper Beam point blank, Deoxys healed and came back for more. It’s no surprise that much of the movie focused on the battle between those two, as it was massive and epic in every way.

Deoxys and its numerous forms have been not only in its movie, but also in the Anime, though a very different version to be honest. Regardless though, Deoxys is the most epic Pokemon in Hoenn in this trainers opinion. Look, power, uniqueness, it has it all.

So, what did you think of my Top 10 Most Epic Generation III Pokemon? Did you agree with them? Disagree? Hit me up in the comments, and let’s battle it out!