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Toonzone Podcast Episode 4


With the combined strength of four men:

  • Ben Applegate, chief editor
  • Karl Olson, staff reviewer and podcast producer
  • Jay Allman, a.k.a. Maxie Zeus, former chief editor
  • Matthew Williams, graphics editor

Our targets this week:

  • The end of Teen Titans, and Cartoon Network’s business mentality
  • The independent animation “ghetto”
  • The 60s King Kong on DVD: Whaaaa?

Plus animation scholar Jerry Beck talks about The Pink Panther, founding the American anime industry and the best foreign animated features you haven’t seen.

Next week, part 2 of our interview with Jerry Beck, in which he talks Warner Brothers and classic cartoons.

Submit your questions in text or MP3 format to news@animesuperhero.com, and stay tuned!

Animation scholar Jerry Beck joins the Toon Zone crew to talk about “The Pink Panther,” the American anime industry and all the best foreign features you haven’t seen. The TZers also talk about the end of Teen Titans, Cartoon Network business philosophy and the independent animation “ghetto.”