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Toonzone @ MCM London Comic Con May 2016 – Tamashii Nations / Bandai UK Booth Images


Bandai have become a recurring staple of MCM London, with toy collectors like myself serviced by the existing UK branch offering collector items from the ever popular Power Rangers in addition to Banpresto while Tamashii Nations offer a range of figurines and accessories from their namesake in Japan.

Although previously we’d seen a push for latest on air series Dino Charge, the Power Rangers merchandise this time was more firmly centred around the Legacy collection which offers detailed updates of designs from the original Mighty Morphin show from the mid 90s. This included a black and gold Dragonzord and the original ranger’s communicator device.















Their Banpresto offerings were of course more anime focused, covering characters from Dragon Ball, One Piece and Sailor Moon.















Those three series also had a place over at the Tamashii Nations booth, alongside Super Mario, Marvel Superheroes, Freddie Mercury, Godzilla, and even Star Wars. Fans could buy not only figures of these and other pop culture icons (in addition to seeing advance samples for figures of Bruce Lee and the 1980s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) but also special effect parts sets to make these figures look even more dynamic.

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