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Toonzone’s Holiday Gift Guide 2012 – Nintendo Wii U


With the festive season nearly upon us, plenty of goodies are sure to make their way onto your holiday wish list. If you’re looking for help in deciding on what to get for yourself or others, we’re here for you. Let’s start with the Nintendo Wii U and keep an eye out on Toonzone for other holiday gift recommendations.

The Skinny:

The Wii U hits the stores on November 18th and games like, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, promise to change what you expect when you play a Nintendo system. The Wii U’s beefier hardware should allow for more options for more hardcore gamers.  The Wii U supports the standard-definition output of its predecessor, but is the first truly HD Nintendo console, supporting 720p, 1080i, and 1080p.  According to Nintendo, nearly all Wii software and accessories can still be used with the Wii U.

Here’s a Wii U sizzle video to whet your appetite. Please note that not all of its content may be suitable for children.

Two versions of the system will be available for purchase at launch. The Basic Set will come with the console, GamePad, 8GB internal memory and the sensor bar. It will be available for the retail price of $299.99 The deluxe version of the system will come with 32GB internal memory, everything in the standard package, plus the Nintendo Land game, The Deluxe Set will be available at retail for $349.99.

We recently had some hands on time with the Wii U and were very impressed with the system as a whole. Admittedly, it would probably take a little bit to get used to the two screen experience, but it does open up a lot of possibilities in personalizing the gaming experience. The Wii U supports one GamePad and up to four Wii Remotes. The GamePad contains a 6.2″, 16:9 aspect ratio LCD touch screen.  It also includes a camera,  microphone, stereo speakers, rumble capabilities, a sensor bar and stylus.

Speaking of two screen experiences, one of the features of the Wii U, Nintendo TVii is looking to consolidate all of the methods by which you watch your shows while also getting your eyes off your cell phone and onto their GamePad screen. During  a Wii TV demo, a Nintendo representative went through some of the features that will be available at launch.

You’ll be able to search for shows or movies that you would like to watch through the GamePad and then Nintendo TVii will search your Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video accounts and your cable provider. While you’re watching that show or movie, you’ll be able to search for information on the shows, actors, etc. through the GamePad. You’ll also be able to see what others think of what you’re watching and let them know your thoughts via social networks.

Sports fans will be able to check live scores for their favorite teams on the GamePad, even while watching other shows. Nintendo TVii will launch with access to football and basketball scores and will integrate other sports post-launch. While you’re watching a game, you’ll be able to look up information on your team, a player and more through your GamePad. Social network integration will be available here as well.

Here’s the Nintendo TVii Trailer:

Nintendo Land will come with the deluxe version of the Wii U and features 12 mini-games that are built to fully showcase the Wii U’s capabilities. The games are featured as attractions at an amusement park might be and they’re split into team, competitive and solo games.

During a demo, we had some hands on time with Takamaru’s Ninja Castle and Mario Chase. Takamaru’s Ninja Castle  is a single-player game in which the gamer uses the GamePad to flick ninja stars at on-screen attackers. The touch screen on the GamePad was very responsive and the projectiles hit their targets.

Mario Chase is a competitive, group game in which up to four players must work together to find a fifth player that’s hidden somewhere on the playing field. If you’ve ever played tag, then you’ll be good on this game. The playing field is split into quadrants of different colors. The person using the GamePad is it. Through the GamePad, that player is allowed a perspective that is unique from the others, hopefully allowing them to continue to evade the others. The other players must help one another locate the person who is using the GamePad by calling out to one another. They play along using their Wiimotes. If the group you’re playing with is good, then you’ll have a fun time with this.

Nintendo Land will come with the following mini-game attractions:
The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest
Pikmin Adventure
Metroid Blast
Mario Chase
Luigi’s Ghost Mansion
Animal Crossing: Sweet Day
Yoshi’s Fruit Cart
Octopus Dance
Donkey King’s Crash Course
Takamaru’s Ninja Castle
Captain Falcon’s Twister Race
Balloon Trip Breeze

Here’s the Nintendo Land trailer:

Personal Thoughts:

I’m really psyched for the launch of the Wii U. I’m not that easily impressed with electronics and video games anymore, but I really enjoyed my time playing with the Wii U at an event. I played Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, ZombiU, Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U and had a blast on all. I can’t wait to give the Wii U a real run for its money.

Nintendo TVii will become available through a software update at launch or shortly thereafter. The Wii U hits stores on November 18th, 2012. Be sure to check out the official Nintendo Wii U website for more information.