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Toonzone Goes to Toy Fair 2013: First Salvo – Show Floor, Pop Vinyl, Diamond, DC Direct, Tamashii Nations


The Toy Industry Association’s Toy Fair descended onto the Jacob K. Javits convention center from February 10-13, 2013, and Toonzone was there to get a look at new and upcoming toys licensed from your favorite animation properties (and a bunch of other cool, shiny stuff that just attracted my attention).

Thanks to all the PR reps who indulged the new guy and gave me quick run-throughs of their toylines. Apologies in advance to the toy companies (especially Jazwares) who had to be on the steep side of the learning curve of me figuring out how to photograph toys on the show floor. Click any thumbnail for larger photos (and you should — some of these things are crazy detailed).


These were the banners that would welcome you to the main show floor at the Javits Center, along with some shots of the entrances and the floor itself. The big walls around exhibitor booths were pretty common, meaning you couldn’t see what was on display unless you got into the booth itself. Getting into the booths usually required an appointment, and a lot of the bigger companies were booked solid and couldn’t accommodate a walk-up.

ToonzoneToyFair2013-82 ToonzoneToyFair2013-83
ToonzoneToyFair2013-84 ToonzoneToyFair2013-85

Right outside the (extremely comfortable and well-equipped) press area, TIA was displaying their picks of the year. Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Disney’s Doc McStuffins did well, as you can see.

ToonzoneToyFair2013-86 ToonzoneToyFair2013-87

Two companies I wasn’t able to see? Lego and Mattel. This is the best I could get: a shot of the karate girl at the corner of Fortress Lego and a look at the Mattel super-booth which took up all of the Javits Crystal Palace on level 4.

ToonzoneToyFair2013-88 ToonzoneToyFair2013-89

Finally, here’s a look at the Playmobil booth, done up to look like a fort and complete with life-sized Playmobil figures.

ToonzoneToyFair2013-203 ToonzoneToyFair2013-204
ToonzoneToyFair2013-205 ToonzoneToyFair2013-206


These guys are high-end vinyl and plush vendors, with a variety of licenses from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, MTV, Disney, and more.

ToonzoneToyFair2013-90 ToonzoneToyFair2013-91
ToonzoneToyFair2013-92 ToonzoneToyFair2013-93
ToonzoneToyFair2013-94 ToonzoneToyFair2013-95
ToonzoneToyFair2013-96 ToonzoneToyFair2013-97
ToonzoneToyFair2013-98 ToonzoneToyFair2013-99

You cannot escape Gangnam Style!

ToonzoneToyFair2013-100 ToonzoneToyFair2013-101


Diamond Select is the toy branch of Diamond Comic Distributors. They have a variety of toys, ranging from the Lego-sized MiniMates to larger action figures, statues, and other collectibles.

Not all these are animation-related, but all of them are pretty cool. Star Wars: The Clone Wars was well-represented, though the Cad Bane bank wasn’t on display.

ToonzoneToyFair2013-102 ToonzoneToyFair2013-103

Among the Back to the Future collectibles was this life-sized Mr. Fusion generator.

Tomb Raider MiniMates.

ToonzoneToyFair2013-106 ToonzoneToyFair2013-107

Also on display were some toys tied to Iron Man 3, both as highly detailed action figures and S.H.I.E.L.D. MiniMates.

ToonzoneToyFair2013-108 ToonzoneToyFair2013-109

Finally, there was a lot of really cool Star Trek merchandise, starting with the light-up Klingon Bird of Prey and going on to new classic Star Trek action figures and dioramas. Captain Picard is coming soon, too, to negotiate the bad guys into submission.

ToonzoneToyFair2013-111 ToonzoneToyFair2013-112
ToonzoneToyFair2013-113 ToonzoneToyFair2013-114


DC Direct is DC’s own toy and marketing arm (vs. the licensed toys that are made and sold by other companies like Mattel). They tend to be higher-end, and also branch into statues and maquettes, like these maquettes from Aardman’s “World’s Funnest” shorts airing on the DC Nation block on Cartoon Network.

ToonzoneToyFair2013-116 ToonzoneToyFair2013-119

ToonzoneToyFair2013-118 ToonzoneToyFair2013-117

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns statue, along with a Batgirl statuette.

ToonzoneToyFair2013-120 ToonzoneToyFair2013-121

DC was showing off their new “DC Bombshells” line, giving some of their female superheroes new looks inspired by 1940’s pinups and posters. Supergirl and Wonder Woman were the first ones to get the treatment. I love the concept, the outfits, and the poses, but the face sculpts go a bit too far past “exuberant” into “psychotic” and I’m not a fan of the breasts that look like they’re carved out of very hard marble.

ToonzoneToyFair2013-122 ToonzoneToyFair2013-123
ToonzoneToyFair2013-124 ToonzoneToyFair2013-125


I’m going to be honest: I’m not entirely sure what exactly Tamashii Nations is exactly. It looks like a conglomeration of several different makers encompassing high-end anime and video game collectibles, but I couldn’t nail down a rep f0r more than photo permissions before I had to scoot off. They sure have a lot of nifty stuff, though. Sadly, the only thing I wasn’t allowed to photograph was also the coolest thing there: cyborg takes on classic Disney characters that combined to form a Voltron-like robot.

ToonzoneToyFair2013-55 ToonzoneToyFair2013-56

ToonzoneToyFair2013-57 ToonzoneToyFair2013-58

ToonzoneToyFair2013-59 ToonzoneToyFair2013-60

Make sure you look close at these Dragon Ball toys. They’re miniscule, but the detail on the figures is pretty amazing.

ToonzoneToyFair2013-61 ToonzoneToyFair2013-62 ToonzoneToyFair2013-63

ToonzoneToyFair2013-64 ToonzoneToyFair2013-65

ToonzoneToyFair2013-66 ToonzoneToyFair2013-67

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