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Toonami Mysteries Resolved By DeMarco Tweets


Toonami boss Jason DeMarco took to Twitter this afternoon to answer some longtime fan questions and mysteries regarding the status of the long-standing block.

The biggest elephant in the Absolution: since the world is under quarantine, how will it affect some Toonami shows? Already we’re hearing about dubs that have been temporarily suspended or anime that have gone on hiatus. DeMarco says “The quarantine will definitely affect delivery of several Toonami shows. You are going to see things like marathons, maybe special plays of classic shows, and yeah, some reruns. We are going to do our best to keep things fresh, for as long as we can.

Of particular curiosity is Uzumaki (Spiral), the anime Toonami is currently producing with manga horror master Junji Ito. On the status of that one, DeMarco says there have been no delays yet. And regarding My Hero Academia, which had to halt its simuldub mid-season, Jason says Toonami’s plans for its time slot have not been decided as of yet.

The shows that DeMarco would have loved to run on Toonami but “got away” from him were Magic Knight Rayearth, Slayers, Nadesico, Eva, Lodoss War, LAIN, Ranma 1/2 “and more.” He managed to get two episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion to air on the “kids” version of Toonami in 2006, but barely. “All of Giant Robot week was an excuse to show some things we thought fans might like, but sadly it didn’t pan out. The kids weren’t ready.”

DeMarco’s favorite night of Toonami was the 2012 April Fool’s Night prank. Good answer.

As far as shows everyone assumed would return but it turns out actually WON’T….Boruto was confirmed to have this status. Says Jason, “I won’t say it will never come back but there are no plans to bring it back at present.

DeMarco answered many more fan questions in the feed, which you can read here. Toonami airs Saturday nights at 11:30 on Adult Swim.