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Toonami Gains Gridman, Attack On Titan Season 4


Toonami had a bumpy 2020, but who didn’t? The block’s hours shrank, its budget shrank, and so did the available shows for varied reasons (delays in production or dubbing, rights issues, Crunchyroll playing Keepaway with Mob Psycho 100 Season 2). Lately they’ve been forced to stick in Adult Swim originals to fill space..but as of 2021, say bye-bye to Death Beats and hello to some decent acquirements again.

People have been wondering about Attack On Titan; if it would get to finish its run on Toonami and when if so. Sooner than anyone thought — as soon as all these marathons are done, in fact. Adult Swim revealed on Tuesday that Attack On Titan Season 4 will premiere January 9 in the 12:30 AM time slot, kicking off the final batch of episodes and humanity’s last stand against the giant, man-eating, anatomically incorrect Titans.

One week later, Toonami is getting SSSS.GRIDMAN on January 16 at 2:30 AM. The show was announced last November as coming to the block eventually, but no one knew when. It’s another giant robot mech series (Toonami doesn’t feel right without at least one)…Yuta Hibiki, the show’s main character, is your typical anime amnesiac who knows nothing about his past except for a strange connection to his friend’s computer. Eventually, when a vicious monster attacks, Hibiki’s hidden instincts kick in and he merges with the computer to transform into Gridman. His adventures continue from there.

To make room for these two shows, Toonami will once again be expanding, this time by a half-hour. Other shows we know for certain are on the way include original productions co-financed by Adult Swim like Junji Ito’s Uzumaki, Blade Runner: Black Lotus and Fena: Pirate Princess. We hope Toonami grows big and fat throughout 2021 and eventually regains what 2020 has taken away (a wish that can apply to all of us).


  1. Toonami also never got the sequel to Tokyo Ghoul, Re: Tokyo Ghoul, Durarara 2, or Eureka Seven AO even after showing Eureka Seven multiple times. Tokyo Ghoul left on quite the cliffhanger too, as well as Durarara. I doubt we’ll ever see these, and at this rate, we might not see the second season of Mob Psycho 100 either. I was also bummed One Piece didn’t do well enough ratings wise to keep too since that’s one long never ending story. Moreover, I hated the tease they did with Boruto. I guess I can only wait and hope for closure someday.