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Tom & Jerry Are Back In A New Movie — Here’s The Trailer

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Warner Bros. has owned Tom & Jerry for a while now and they haven’t always known what to do with them. That infamous crossover with Willy Wonka was certainly a thing, but it’s not like previous owners didn’t have bad ideas — the last time T&G had a movie, for example, they were rendered as unrecognizable best buddies who talked. WB’s cinematic effort, simply called Tom & Jerry, premieres next spring and thankfully takes a more traditional route (and no Oompa-Loompas either). The first trailer was released today.

Michael Peña is the manager of a fancy-schmancy hotel that Jerry the Mouse has just taken up residence in. He’s freaking out. Chloe Grace Moretz plays Kayla (according to her name tag). the staff member tasked with de-mousing the hotel before the guests — or worse, social media — discovers Jerry. They could spend hundreds on an exterminator, but she has a better idea…this gray mangy cat she just found seems more than up for the task. And that’s how the chase begins in this one.

Also, Ken Jeong is involved somewhere, which we should have expected.

I’m torn on the look of this. They’ve chosen to render the CG very faithfully to the original 2-D cel art, which I like, but because of this they clash with the real backgrounds so blatantly that they look pasted in, which I don’t like. It’s most blatantly obvious whenever Tom or Jerry interact with a human.

Roger Rabbit perfected the human-toon interaction technology 30 years ago and without a single computer. There were several rules that movie pioneered that this one seems to be ignoring to its own detriment — real and animated characters should always make eye contact; animated characters should interact with real objects as much as possible and always exhibit weight on them; etc. WITH computers it’s easier to go back and edit these things. There’s still time, WB….Tom & Jerry isn’t due out for another four months.

And yes, actual theaters are in the equation — and from this distance and the recent vaccine news, totally possible. If the world is indeed beginning its recovery by the time this is ready, we’ll need the laughs. Tom & Jerry infests theaters March 5, 2021.